A Letter from the President





Welcome to the Kappa Nu chapter of Alpha Chi Omega at Carnegie Mellon University!
I'm excited that you would like to know more about our chapter, the Kappa Nu chapter. I hope that by visiting this website,  you will learn more about our organization and what our values are.
Alpha Chi Omega has given me so much since I joined my freshman fall. I have gained close friendships and mentors who have inspired me to do more. By joining this organization, I have gained many opportunities to strengthen my leadership skills and take on a more active role on our campus community. I would never have become president had my sisters not encouraged and supported me to become a Real. Strong. Woman. My self confidence has grown exponentially since I joined the Kappa Nu chapter of Alpha Chi Omega. Through this organization, I have learned what it truly means to seek the heights.
I hope you'll have as much fun as I have getting to know this organization and my sisters!

Gwen Jones

ΑΧΩ - Kappa Nu