Booth is one of the biggest events of Carnival, an annual tradition of Carnegie Mellon. Organizations compete in four categories to build 1- or 2-story structures with plywood and OSB of a chosen motif within the overall Carnival theme. The booths are designed with the intention of being educational and a fun experience for the many families and students who visit Carnegie Mellon during Carnival.
Every spring, the sisters of Alpha Chi Omega pull on their work gloves to participate in the competition under the sorority division. Every Alpha Chi contributes to the process, whether its through building, painting or crafting. Recent booth themes include Twelve Princesses (2015) and Iconic Hollywood Moments (2014).




Alumni & Parents


Here in AXΩ, we know the importance of keeping our connection to our roots strong and appreciating the loving people who have helped make our sisters who they are today. Alumni and parents are an integral part of our support system. To thank these wonderful people for helping our chapter become what it is, we hold an annual family and Alumni brunch, where generations of Alpha Chis and the families who raised them, meet and enjoy nostalgia and delicious food.