Our House



The Alpha Chi Omega house is located at 1069 Morewood Ave. on the southeast corner of the Greek Quad. It serves not only as a living space for a number of sisters but also as a safe, relaxing environment for all sisters and guests. The four-level house features two levels of bedrooms accommodating up to 33 women. On first floor is an industrial kitchen for our chef, a kitchenette for sisters to use, a dining area, an informal living room and a formal living room. The basement houses the study area and a large space for chapter meetings.



Alpha Chi Omega is lucky enough to have a chef and meal plan. Alpha Chi employs Chef Debbie who provides the sisters with a healthy, affordable meals. The plan includes lunches Monday through Friday and dinners Monday through Thursday (with leftovers available for the weekends).
Sisters who have dietary restrictions or need to cook for an event may also utilize our kitchenette, where we provide basic cooking ingredients and various beverages.