Retreat & Inspiration Night

The bonds of sisterhood are a connection unlike any other. To have a group of women who will support and empower you, and who share the same values and goals as you do, provides an incredible boost of confidence in daily endeavors. Every Alpha Chi is unique, but we all value sisterhood and see AXΩ as a home away from home. To celebrate this amazing bond, AXΩ has two main sisterhood events: Retreat and Inspiration Night
Retreat is a day long event full of fun, games, laughter, memorable moments that happens halfway through the semester. In the past there have been scavenger hunts, photo shoots, movie marathons, charades and even day-long games of mafia! Wherever it is, retreat always a great way to strengthen our sisterly bonds and take a well-needed break from the semester.


Inspiration night occurs toward the end of the semester, right before our new members join the initiated sisterhood. To celebrate this transition, we light Chinese lanterns and let them float up into the starry night sky. The event is often accompanied by unexpected gusts of wind which propel the lanterns into unwanted branches, adding to the excitement and thrill of watching these beautiful lanterns bob away.



Bigs & Littles

One of the most exciting parts of joining Alpha Chi is getting your big sis! Your big sis will join your Alpha Chi Omega journey and help you make the most amazing memories both inside and outside of the chapter!